Microphone Wiring Instructions




In this section I have listed some of the more popular radios and their associated microphone hook ups. In column #1 I have listed



the radio make and model. In column #2 I have listed the radios' normal mike pinout information. The rest of the columns list specific microphones and their wire Color Codes and how they should be wired to each radio listed in column #1.



Although I have tried to cover the more popular radios I realize that many more exist. This is why I have listed in column #2 the pin out information for each radio. With this information anyone should be able to wire any microphone to any radio, as long as you know the wire functions for the microphone.



Some microphones listed may reguire a special modification at hook up to function properly, all covered in the footnotes in the radio or the microphone column. Some microphones may reguire a resister in the audio lead to eliminate feedback.



You never know what old models you will find discarded on your garage shelving.